(Way Of Righteousness)


Quran Confirms PASHTUNWALI

(Allah speaks truth. So follow the religion of Abraham, the upright. He was not of the idolaters: S3-A95)
Pashtunwali is the law under which pashtuns lived before Islam. It is based on the monotheistic philosophy preached by our holy father Hazrat Ibrahim. His title was Waliullah Khalil Ibrahim.
Says Quran again: ( We believe in Allah, and that which is revealed unto us and that which was revealed unto Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob, and the Tribes and that which Moses and Jesus received and that which the Prophets received from their Lord. We make NO DISTINCTION between ANY of them and unto HIM we have surrendered. S2-A136.) This explains that for pashtuns denying pashtunwali or making distiction is even a sin.
(Pa sha tooga--Pashtun & Wali comes from the title of Abraham) Pashtoonwali. The code of honour described by Abraham. Also pashtun write their family tree with word - khel from khalil and also there is a sub tribe by the name Khalil . Some key rules of Pashtunwali:
There is one God, the God of Abraham. We should be afraid of HIM only and no body else.(Abraham in young age took sword broke all idols and didnt care about Nimrod. Pashtun are famous in history as botshikan and carry sword as a part of their dress and symbol of Ibrahimic laws.
Pashtuns should trust in God and therefore should not bow to anybody.(Abraham was thrown in burning fire but he didnot show no fear nor he accepted nimrods idols at all.) Both above rules made pashtun morally very strong and brave.
Pashtun should show hospitality.(Melmastia).
Badal -Revenge. Pashtun wali was upgraded along with time.Moses ( Hazrat Musa )who explained the rule,an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, became an important rule for pashtuns .

Dress code.




Aspak kar na kawul.

Levarite custom.

Custom and culture.

Much more to come

TORAH. torah. Tori khel in parachinar, Tora bora in jalalabad, Torghur, ( Torzan,Toryale-strong and faithful in scripture. like Abraham was excellent with sword and broke all states in babul in very young age. )Hence pashtun wali is the teaching of the holy book Torat,.
Pakhtu din,pakhto mazhab,pakhto iman dae
Za pa pakhto au pakhtunwala bande sar warkauma.
(And of Moses folks, there is a community who lead with truth and establish justice therewith)Al Quran-Surah 7-Aiyat 159.
Pashto is a persianised version of Hebrew,The holy language of The Holy prophets,The language of Torat Shareef and Injeel(Christian bible) and even Quran which is written in Arabic is Hebrew again.(Arabic is Assyrianised version of Hebrew.)Even Mohammed(PBUH)spoke to pashtun leader in pashtu.It will be one of the languages in heaven.(Many non pashtuns in Afghanistan and Pakistan tease pashtuns that their language is the language of Hell because of their Isrealite origin.
            Wai aghiar che dozhakh jaba da Pashto
             Za ba janat ta da pakhto sara zam

Yasrail-Israil-is actually a pashtu hebrew word.(When Hazrat Yaqub (pbuh) fought with devil and won ,God gave him the title Ya saraia or Wa saraia- You the man . Israil is the title of Jacob and all his descendants are bani Israil.(In general Hebrews-bani israel include Afghans,tajiks, baluch,bukharians iranians,azerbaijanis,kurds,kavkaz such as chechens etc, Algerian berbers, also hindu brahmans, Italian scicilians,Spaniards,present and some arabs who are considered as arabs are actually not arabs but have adopted arabic language after spread of islam.Arabs are yemanies,syrian,labanese,jordanians,iraqis. Many saudis,UAE,qatar,kuwait are those rich isrealites who lived in arabia in the times of Mohammed(pbuh) and were converted to islam.

God promised Abraham:"We will make you father of many nations."

Only those jews left arabia in time of Haz Omar time, who refused to accept islam.One of the wife of Hazrat Mohammad(pbuh) was isrealite.Yasrab was a big isrealite city later named madina in arabic.

Arabs and above mentioned nations and jews are the descendants of Hazrat Ibrahim and form the huge Hebrew family.

The present 10 or 20 million jews are only a small tiny portion of a Huge Hebrew family.

Pashtuns are unique in strictly following the Ibrahimian laws where as arabs started worshiping idols, they started drinking alcohol ,gambling , walking naked in kabba, killing daughters and became one of the corrupt people of those regions.It were arabs of taif who stoned the Holy Prophet(pbuh).The only man cursed by name in the Holy Quran is an arab and not only an ordinary arab but Qureishi i.e Abu lahab.(Sura-111).

Even quran says( And of the wandering Arabs are more hard in disbelief and hypocrisy, and more likely to be ignorant of the limits which Allah hath revealed unto His messenger.And Allah is Knower, Wise.-Surah 9-Aiyat 97)

Mashar-elderly, leader actually this word comes from moshe -Moses the spiritual leader of pashtuns before Islam.(Hazrat Musa alaisalam.)

Yohuda- actually means yo khuda i.e one GOD.( like Ahmad akhmad, Rehman rakhman etc).

Jerusalem- is actually -yar shulam or later becam yeru shulaem. means I became friend or fell in love with that city.

Synogogue- is actually ( syngo-eae i.e how are you, a place where you gettogether and ask each other about how is everybody doing and worship. Also goege : is to talk, a place where you talk to GOD. some pashtuns use khabaray kawaol others garanga, gaezha etc.)

DEVARIM- Dawar: an afghan subtribe, devar-wall, deva-hanukah lamp like pot with oil and thick thread ,is lightened on thursdays and friday evenings.

MASSAD- (israeli intelligence agency) -MEHSUD-An Afghan tribe.

Ehud barak- (israeli president)- BARAKZAI-an Afghan tribe.


KENESSET-(israeli parliament) WE say kennesstal -sitting or sitting together.

KHALI.-pashtuns call saturday as khali meaning empty, a day to rest.

Although pashto is the original language of Afghans but today they speak different languages.

some families might speak persian (in kabul etc), some speak Hindko( in peshawar ,abbotabad etc). Seraiki (In multan , Mianwali etc) , some even might speak baluchi languages in some parts of baluchistan. Many afghans have adopted urdu in karachi and Lahore . During afghan rule in india and Bangladesh , many Afghans living since that time might speak a variety of other languages. Now even in former USSR , many afghan kids have no choice but to speak Russian. Sameway in Europe and USA they are adopting English).

On the contrary many people live among pakhtuns have adopted pashto language such as Sikhs in teerah or Hindus in bunir-swat, and even some Sayyids (Arabs in origin) and many more. Some of them even follow lifestyle and traditions.


Tajiks living in afghanistan have a country of their own i.e TAJIKISTAN .

Uzbeks living in afghanistan have a country of their own i.e UZBEKISTAN .

Hazaras(Mongols) living in afghanistan have many countris of their own i.e MONGOLIA .

Why these people should rule over AFGHANS in afghanistan and impose their persian language on AFGHANS.

Punjabis have a country of their own Punjab in pakistan and Khalistan in India .

Hindustanis living in Pakistan have a country of their own i.e INDIA .

Why these people should impose their urdu language and punjabism on afghans living pakistan .

Narai naqsha ke kore da pakhtanoo ulikai

Zamz pa sar che shi likalay kho pa Pakhto ulikai.


Where is the geographical region,where the national language is Pashto,Radio,TV and all other media in Pashto,currency and passports in Pashto?

Acountry ruled and goverened by Palhtuns for Pakhtuns.Where medium of education is Pashto.Where they study their own history follow their own culture and traditions.Something that should totaly belong to us.

Why are we scateered in different regions?

Why we should be persianized in Kabul and Punjabised in Pakistan ?

Pakistan belongs to Punjabis and Afghanistan is too persianised.

Why cant we have a homeland of our own.?

Why we listen the bull shit of Punjabis who where converted to islam by our forefathers.These Punjabi parasites are sucking our blood in every aspects of life?

Why they are robbing us of our wealth and using us as slaves in name of Islamic brotherhood?

Why we are chowkidars, malis ,bus conductors and mazdoors in Punjab and Karachi and they come to our Pakhtunkhwa as colonel and generals,and hold key posts and enjoy every preveliges they can?

Why we have to work like slaves and mazdooms in extreme heat and build their Punjab as cheap labour.They are running their factories on our electricity and what we get in return is loadsheding?

Why should we die for them against India in Kashmir and they are living in luxury in army bunglaws?

Why Universities are build in their regions(punjab) and terrorist camps and madrasas in our regions(pashtun areas).?